Y la situación parecía insalvable con mails de aquí pa´lla y de allá pa´ca hasta que el día 26 de octubre del 2002 envié el email, que por fin logró hacerse entender.

Dears Sirs or Ms

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At Amazon.com

Once again I am very grateful for your efforts and hope you could finally understand my problem.
The fees I have paid in Chile were only partially for my government.
As I had previously written I will insist in the fact that I have no objection for the money that I had paid as taxes for my country or to my government, and obviously I was aware of them when i have made my order. According to Aduanas de Chile (Customs office) this was a total amount of US $ 14,87. There was an extra fee of US $ 30,00 plus IVA (VAT) for this sum US $ 5,4. This is the amount that I object and is expressed as Cargo Terminal plus IVA.
When I paid the total sum to DHL (US $ 50,27) three different persons at DHL said to me that the entire sum was for Aduana. Finally they accepted that only the first US $ 14,87 were for aduana and the extra charge for DHL, according to commercial rules (The Air Cargo Tariff, TACT). This fact was accepted by DHL in their letter. http://www.cienfuegos.cl/compra/DHLletter.jpg
This is the origin of my complaint and until now I do not have a satisfactory explanation. Moreover, SERNAC (a Chilean customer help office) has suggested that I can take a legal action in Chile. http://www.cienfuegos.cl/compra/cartasernac.jpg
So to conclude my question is if you at Amazon.com indorse the charge by DHL of US $ 30,00 (Cargo Terminal) in my order. If this is the case, why it is not so explained in your page at checkout? I hope you can understand my disagreement when for goods with a cost of US $ 52,46 I finally have paid US $ 72,36 for shipping and handling in total. And I insist that I also had paid another US $ 14,87 for taxes to my government that I accept with satisfaction.
With my bests regards
Guillermo Cienfuegos

¡¡ Por fin alguien me entendió !!

Respuesta del 28 de octubre del 2002

Dear Guillermo,

Greetings from Amazon.com.

I have reviewed our previous correspondence with you, and I offer my
sincere apologies for any misunderstandings thus far.

I understand that DHL is charging you a processing fee of $35.40. In
this case, since you were not aware of this fee, we will refund your
credit card for this charge. We apologize for any inconvenience this
may have caused.

As stated earlier, any customs or import duties owed on the value of
the original shipment will be levied once the package reaches the
destination country. We have no control over what these charges may
be, since your country decides what taxes and duties will be levied
on goods shipped to your country. You may want to contact your local
customs office for more information on these charges.

In addition to a wide selection of items, one of our aims at
Amazon.com is to provide a convenient and efficient service; in this
case, we have not met that standard.

I am truly sorry that we were not able to fulfill your expectations
for this level of service. I hope that you will honor us with
another opportunity to prove the quality of our service to you in the

Thank you for shopping at Amazon.com. We hope to see you again soon.

Best regards,

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